Liesbeth’s experience

Living and working in Switzerland as a nurse has been a unique and special experience. Its beautiful nature, high-quality medical system and high standard of living make the country a popular destination for many nurses.

In Switzerland, there are many different work opportunities for nurses. From hospitals to home nursing, there is something for everyone. Working conditions are usually good and professional and knowledgeable staff are highly valued.

One of the most important aspects of living and working as a nurse in Switzerland is the salary. Nurses in Switzerland earn on average between CHF 60.000 and CHF 100.000 (is about €60.000 – €100.000 as well) per year, depending on experience and education.

In my spare time, I enjoy all that Switzerland has to offer. The beautiful Alps are a paradise for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing and snowboarding. There are also numerous lakes for swimming and water sports.

There are also many cultural attractions such as the old town of Bern, the historic city of Lucerne and the picturesque village of Zermatt. There are also numerous museums, galleries and theatres to visit.

Switzerland also values healthy food and good wines, so there are numerous restaurants and wine bars to sample.

In short, living and working as a nurse in Switzerland doesn’t just offer professional growth and development, but also many opportunities to enjoy all that the beautiful country has in store.

Adventure in Switzerland

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