Stand out with your cv, how do you do it?

10 golden tips

When you see a great job, you are often not the only one applying. When we introduce you to a client, you obviously want your CV to really stand out and people to actually read it!

To help you with this, we have listed 10 tips:

Tip 1 – Photo?

Many people ask us if they should put a photo on their CV. You definitely should! Pictures help you remember a story better. It works the same way with your CV.

Tip 2 – Structure

Make sure you have a logical structure. This way recruiters and clients can quickly scan your CV. Usual order: 1. Personal details, 2. Work experience, 3. Education, 4. Knowledge & skills, 5. personal piece (can also be 2nd) 6. references.

Tip 3 – Work experience

Put your most recent work experience at the top. You may even still be working there. It is less important for employers to know what your first side job was.

Tip 4 – Length

Don’t make your CV too long. Wherever possible, be point-by-point. Be short and clear.

Tip 5 – References

Ask your references for permission for them to be called. This way, you can be sure that someone is actually cooperating to get a good reference.

Tip 6 – Your CV is you

Write from yourself, i.e. in first person singular. That reads nicely and people really get the feeling you are introducing yourself. If necessary, you can also add a link to a video clip in which you introduce yourself.

Tip 7 – Function designation

Use common keywords. Some companies have very creative job titles for jobs that usually have a more boring name. Go for more common titles on your CV to create clarity for the reader.

Tip 8 – Name

Not unimportant: Don’t forget your name at the top of the CV. People often print out a CV and run with it to, say, a colleague to discuss it together.

Tip 9 – Check

Before you save your CV, check it for language and typing errors. Your CV gives people a first impression of who you are and you can only make a first impression once.

Tip 10 – PDF

Save your CV as a PDF file before you send it. This way, you prevent any shifts in the layout. Moreover, companies are more likely to open a PDF file, as it is less susceptible to viruses.

Are you still struggling with your CV despite these tips? Call or email us, as we can always help you with this!
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