1. our service

CareToMatch GmbH (hereinafter referred to as CareToMatch) as an employment agency brings you as a job seeker (hereinafter referred to as candidate) together with potential employers with vacancies.

2 Our placement model

CareToMatch works on a contingency basis. A commission only accrues if an employment relationship is established as a result of our mediation activities. The commission is owed by the employer. For you as a candidate, our services are free of charge.

3. your application documents / data protection

Your application documents will be treated confidentially by us and will only be used for the purpose of the placement activity.

CareToMatch is authorized to process, i.e. in particular to store and use, all personal data that you provide in connection with your application.

CareToMatch may also collect personal data from publicly available sources, e.g. from the debt enforcement register, the commercial register, other registers, websites or the media, but also from other companies, e.g. credit agencies and – with your consent – former employers.

If you have provided “special categories of personal data” according to Art. 9 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation in connection with your application (e.g. a photo that reveals ethnic origin, information about severely disabled status, etc.), your consent also refers to this data.

CareToMatch is authorized to share your personal data with group companies in Switzerland and abroad and to have it processed by group companies in Switzerland and abroad. In addition, CareToMatch is authorized to share your data with supporting third parties (e.g. IT service providers) as part of its business activities. These external providers are contractually obligated not to disclose personal data and to protect it appropriately.

CareToMatch retains your personal data for as long as is permissible and necessary to achieve the processing purposes. CareToMatch also retains personal data for as long as necessary to comply with legal retention and documentation obligations or as required by legitimate business interests (e.g. for evidence and documentation purposes).

Within the scope of the applicable legal provisions, you have the right to obtain information about the data processed about you, to correct incorrect data and to have your data deleted. CareToMatch will delete your data upon request, unless CareToMatch is legally obligated or authorized to retain it further.

Please note that CareToMatch cannot enforce the deletion of your data from potential employers to whom your dossier has already been sent in the course of the placement activity. However, CareToMatch will inform you upon request which potential employers have been sent your dossier.

4. your obligation to cooperate The services of CareToMatch are free of charge for you as a candidate or applicant. In return, you undertake to notify CareToMatch of any employment made through the mediation of CareToMatch and to send CareToMatch a copy of the employment contract.

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