Below you’ll find three timelines outlining the general steps to start working in Switzerland. This overview is divided into three key phases: the recognition of your diploma by the Swiss Red Cross (SRK), learning German, and finding a job in Switzerland through CareToMatch.

Timeline: Swiss Red Cross (CRS)

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Certificate of Current Professional Status (CCPS)

Begin the Pre-check process + apply for a Certificate of Compliance from the Ministry of Health (CCPS). 🏥📝

+/- 1 months

Pre-Check complete

By now, your pre-check should be completed, but keep in mind that this can take up to 8 weeks. ⏳👍

4-5 months

Partial Recognition

You should have received a partial recognition. Typically, with this temporary recognition, you can start working in Switzerland. If necessary, start implementing compensatory measures. 📋🚀

6-12 months

full recognition

You should aim for full recognition within a period of 9-12 months. To convert your partial recognition to full recognition, you need to obtain a B2 certificate in a Swiss language.

Timeline: Learning German

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Assessment Level

We begin by assessing your German proficiency during the brief intake. If you have taken German as an exam subject in secondary education, you are generally at a B1 level. 📚👏

0-2 months

Learning German

After determining your level, you’ll start improving your German. Click here for free tips on how to learn German. If you still have significant strides to make, we recommend enrolling in a paid course.

3-4 months

German level B1

At this point, you should aim for a B1 level of German proficiency so that you can conduct a successful job interview. Keep up the effort and strive for a B2 level. 📚🌟

5-9 months

German level B2

Once you have reached a German proficiency level of B2, you are ready to apply for full recognition! 🚀

Timeline: Get a Job in Switzerland

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Get a Job in Switzerland

If your German proficiency is not yet at A2 level, you will undergo a brief personal intake. Following that, you will receive comprehensive information to provide a complete understanding of how to secure a job in Switzerland and the steps you and we will take for it.

1-2 months

In-depth interview with CareToMatch

In-depth interview with CareToMatch to tailor the process to your wishes and answer your questions to find a good match. ✨

3-4 months

CTM offers job opportunities

At this point, you have engaged with our practices, interviews are underway, and, if desired, you may arrange a face-to-face meeting or participate in a walk-in day.

5-9 months

Preperations working in Switzerland

Fantastic news! The interviews have been successfully completed, and you have been offered one or more jobs. 🎉 Make your choice and prepare for the adventure and life in Switzerland. You will receive guidance from CareToMatch throughout the process. 🌟

9-12 months

Your first working day

Depending on your employer, you may be able to start working with partial recognition. Sometimes, you may need to have obtained full recognition. Since you are well-prepared through CareToMatch, you can dive right into working in Switzerland! 💼😉

Adventure in Switzerland

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