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With www.caretomatch.com, we offer a platform where healthcare professionals can submit all their requirements. With our automated system and knowledge of this specific labour market, we ensure the right match!


We love providing a service that really contributes to someone’s life. That gives satisfaction! When everyone is satisfied, so are we. A satisfied customer gives us energy to continue and to become even better. That’s how we get a good name and can grow together.


Through personal attention, we know exactly what everyone wants. We only focus on 1 professional group, allowing us to go into detail about everyone’s needs. We record your preferences in our system, which automatically makes the best matches. We like to receive feedback if the match is not quite perfect. This allows us to improve. Thanks to years of experience in the industry, we have a very large network and can offer good alternatives.
We want to guarantee quality as much as possible, even though working with people is unpredictable. We think it is important to be transparent in what we do for everyone involved.


Employers and jobseekers can contact us for:

1.  Recruitment and selection
Do you prefer a direct contract? That is possible. CareToMatch only does the recruitment and selection. For candidates this is free and for the client during our complete recruitment and selection process: ‘no cure, no pay’.
Once the candidate starts at the client CareToMatch only charges a fee.

2. Temporary employment or secondment
As an organisation, do you need temporary substitution or do you not yet know how long you can use that extra reinforcement? Then it is ideal to use the option of temporary staffing or secondment.

  • We place the healthcare professional with a recognised payroll company as the employer. The payroll company takes care of all administrative processing. Every week, the hours worked are paid and invoiced.
  • If you are sick, the payroll company simply pays you sick hours. The client runs no sickness risk.
  • The healthcare professional can be employed on a flexible basis for a maximum of 5.5 years. This can be done with or without a secondment contract (fixed number of hours paid). This depends on the desired continuity or flexibility of the employee and the organisation. In phase A (1st 1.5 years), these can also be short contracts.
  • In consultation with the hired healthcare professional, the client can also hire the employee directly at an earlier stage.

3. Payrolling

Has your organisation already found the right candidate, but don’t feel like dealing with the administrative side of things?
We relieve you of your worries at a very competitive rate and you run no sickness risks!
You determine the hiring period yourself. It can be flexible up to a maximum of 5.5 years.

4. Outplacement
Is your organisation (temporarily) short of an employee? Or: Are you a healthcare professional looking for something else, but find it difficult to terminate a permanent contract for something else? Outplacement can be a solution for such situations.

  • Free of charge, we check in our system which vacancies fit the requirements.
  • Together we determine any probationary period with return guarantee.
  • If the salary is lower for the healthcare professional, you can agree that the organisation will supplement the salary (temporarily). The client receives a credit note for the hours worked at the new healthcare organisation.
  • The client only receives an invoice once there is a solution and all parties are satisfied.

5. Consultancy
Getting more out of your staff and cutting costs?

  • An effective HR policy certainly contributes to the success of an organisation. After all, it is the employees who largely determine whether or not the objectives are met. With the help of our HR consultant, you strengthen the HR processes within the company.
  • It takes a lot of time and energy to know exactly what is going on in the labour market. We are happy to help you find the most suitable employment opportunities and draw up the right conditions of employment. In addition, consider employee counselling in case of illness, disability, training interviews or career guidance. The knowledge of your HR consultant within CareToMatch offers a solution.
  • You can contact us for operational support in the full width or professional advice in a specific area. We are ready for you.

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