Are you a nurse looking for a career opportunity abroad?

If you wonder which requirements and qualifications you need, then read further to find the answers you need.

Switzerland may be the perfect option for you. However, it is essential to know the requirements and qualifications for nursing in Switzerland before starting your job hunt.


Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, and non-Swiss nationals must comply with strict regulations to work as a nurse in the country. To qualify, you need a recognized nursing degree or diploma, endorsed by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health. If your qualification is not recognized, additional courses or exams may be necessary.


Switzerland’s nursing profession is regulated by the Swiss Red Cross, which establishes standards for education, training, and practice. Compliance with these standards and maintenance of registration with the Swiss Red Cross is mandatory. (


Communication is also vital. You must be able to communicate in one of Switzerland’s official languages: German, French, or Italian. These languages are crucial for patient care since healthcare is provided in these languages. We recommend to learn German, since most of the vacancies are for German professionals.


The next step is obtaining a work permit. Several types of work permits are available, depending on the length of stay and job type. For nursing, a long-term work permit is necessary, which demands a job offer from a Swiss employer and an EU passport. 


Swiss nurses are well compensated, with salaries ranging from CHF 60,000 to CHF 110,000 per year, depending on qualifications and experience. To know more about how much you can earn as a nurse in Switzerland see our blog post

In conclusion, nursing in Switzerland is an excellent opportunity! At CareToMatch we help you through the process to make the experience easier for you and bring you closer to your life and professional goals!

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